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Hit Interview delivers more than 20 years of recruiting expertise, with a full range of results-focused products and services, for businesses and professionals. Hit Interview’s Founder, Carol Sosalla, studied thousands of outcomes in competitive hiring and high-volume recruiting, as applicants navigated an ocean of open positions. Recruiting provided Ms. Sosalla a front row seat to all the train wrecks, big wins, and everything in-between.

As an agency recruiter, I was surprised when candidates had paid for the typical professional resume makeover. These resumes looked great at five feet (sometimes) but would rarely deliver results when submitted – I always had to start over.”

Carol Sosalla  Founder & CEO, Hit Interview   [About Carol…]


Everything had to be questioned, nothing was off limits or “good enough”, and no matter what was accomplished, there is always a way to make it even better. By paying close attention, clear patterns emerged and difficult problems faded away. With time, Carol developed the repeatable methods, situational calls, and results-based expertise that formed the foundation for Hit Interview.


Today, Carol Sosalla serves: C-Level Clients, Executive Leaders, VPs, Directors, Board Members, Company Founders, Independent Contractors, and Executive Candidates, from across the U.S. and internationally. With hard work and a straightforward process, she is able to deliver proven strategies and consistent results.


What Hit Interview clients can expect:

With the advent of LinkedIn and the dominance of social media, the hiring landscape has changed dramatically. As a result, casually approaching your career search like you did, even five years ago, can be a frustrating experience. As you advance in your career it is even less forgiving- the pool of viable opportunities is smaller, making every interaction that much more important.

I talk to a lot of clients that had gone with a cost-focused resume service or just “toughed it out” on their own, and they have a pretty consistent story to tell… In hiring, there is no feedback loop, so making the wrong moves or not presenting your story correctly can create months, or even years of searching in a vacuum. Situations like these are crushing to hear about. These clients said they weren’t getting the calls on application, and they really didn’t generate inquiries from their LinkedIn profiles.”

Carol Sosalla  Founder & CEO, Hit Interview   [About Carol…]


It is becoming increasingly apparent to professionals: success during a search or advancing within your organization depends on your ability to create a winning online profile and leverage a solid social media presence. Because this space is still evolving, those that take steps immediately can capitalize on a huge opportunity to stand out within their companies and in their fields.


A major component to the value Hit Interview provides is through increased efficiency and time saved. With the right tools and materials, there is no question: “Is my stuff correct?” Instead, you can focus 100% on the process, with the freedom to to simply network and communicate. At the end of the day, you will be better positioned to capture the high quality, choice opportunities.


Getting the right job without plodding endlessly to get there- or more important, a better paying job, makes an investment in this area comparatively insignificant to what you stand to gain. After you’re hired, the benefits continue- your profile will support you professionally, within your organization. In addition, the ability to build and leverage a large professional network will continue to serve you throughout your career.


Hit Interview delivers a full range of services including:

•  LinkedIn profile optimization, professional branding, and training on best practices, to shorten searches and capture select opportunities.

•  Resume and profile writing applying a proven process to draw out and showcase your key skills, expertise, and achievements.

•  A keyword focused approach to drive results online, in-person, and within ATS database searches.

•  From CEOs and C-Level Executives, to VPs, and Directors- each product is tuned to engage the decision makers at your career level.

•  Online branding and website content development for executives and founders, a full company, or an individual business unit. Tell your story with an effective brand narrative, leverage social platforms, and dramatically expand the reach and effectiveness of your organization.

•  Individualized training and solutions for: Interview Prep, Advanced Job Search Tactics, Engaging Decision-makers and Recruiters, Strategic Correspondence, Social Media Marketing, and Salary / Offer Negotiations.

• Connect with business leaders and expand your professional network as an employee, executive, company founder, or independent contractor.

•  Customized services to: create a compelling executive bio; attract new business for Owners and Consultants; raise capital for Founders from PE firms, investors, and crowd funding; or secure a corporate or non-profit Board of Directors appointment.

•  Public speaking engagements and presentations on “The Principles of Personal Branding & LinkedIn” for your next meeting, workshop, or corporate event.

•  Executive Outplacement Packages that deliver a highly personalized, comprehensive, and confidential approach to your successful career transition.


What our clients have to say:

Carol has created the perfect search offering for any level candidate to take full advantage of everything available today. Her background in search and recruiting allows her to help you create an outstanding marketing tool for your job search (a very professional, well written and keyword rich resume) and train you in all the latest techniques in search using some of the best tools in the industry, starting with LinkedIn. She is very sharp, easy to work with and creates a great work dynamic for her and her client to work within.


Without a doubt I would highly recommend her and her company when searching for these types of programs. She is very perfection driven and works very hard on behalf of her clients so that they win in the market with their search efforts.”

Mike C.  President & CEO     [Read More Testimonials…]


Carol is a highly insightful person, highly experienced in social media and online recruiting practices. Her patient yet straight forward approach to educating her clients and enhancing their use of social media has been invaluable to me and the clients I continue to refer to her. You will see results immediately from her work.”

Greg M.  President & Co-founder, Big Data     [Read More Testimonials…]


You continue to rock. The feedback from both the resume and LinkedIn has been overwhelming. Once LinkedIn went up, I had 5 interviews in 4 days. Thanks for all of your help!”

J. W.  General Corporate Counsel     [Read More Testimonials…]


Carol is a top-notch professional. Her experience and expertise have been invaluable to me as I move on to the next stage of my career. Her process is thorough and diligent and gets results. I highly recommend her.”

John J.  Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Financial Technology      [Read More Testimonials…]

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